Saturday 1 October 2016

Things To Do For A Perfect SPA Day at HOME

Hello my beautiful Ladies...!! Enjoying your Weekend at HOME??? 

Pampering yourself can include a wide range of activities, all of which should be tailored towards making you feel happy and relaxed. Whether you are pampering your body, mind, or heart, sit back and relax. When you are pampered, you enjoy being it.

Pull your hair back ,it's time to get started...!!

  • Start by removing your Makeup : Remove dirt & oil from the skin surface by gently washing the Face & Neck with your Skin type Cleanser.

  • Scrub to Exfoliate: Exfoliate helps by unblocking the surface of the Skin, thereby allowing the products to penetrate the skin better. Apply a gentle face scrub to damp skin and massage it into skin with your fingertips . DO this about 30 secs & rinse.

  • Get Steamy..!!:Warmth softens the skin, increases circulation,and also promotes better products penetration . To steam at home, your can use towel soak in hot water(be sure to check the temperature of towels before putting them anywhere near your face). Another way to steam your face at home is to drape a towel over your head and stand above steam pot of water. Again be Safe!

  • Mask:Choose a mask that is appropriate your Skin type and follow package directions . Be sure to use a toner after the mask is removed.
In the mean while ... take a warm bubble bath :), Lighten up the candles to create a comfortable atmosphere in your room. Put on some Light music. Make yourself feel that your at Luxury SPA..

  • Moisturise: After the 10-15mins , remove your mask & wash your face gently. Apply moisturiser and eye cream.
Lie down and relax , enjoy your hot cup of tea/coffee (beverage of your choice). Paint your nails a colour that make your feel happy .

If you have some more time to relax and pamper yourself , here is the body scrub makes you feel refreshen:

Coffee & Raw Sugar : 2tbsp
Coconut Oil : 1tbsp
Olive Oil : 1tbsp
Sea Salt

Mix together Coffee, raw sugar, sea salt & then add Coconut oil & olive oil . Scrub it all over your body . It softens your body. Enjoy!!

Happy Weekend & Happy Spa Day ...!!

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